Was there anybody there? Well, the room was full for Stewart Bennett’s presentation about Peel as many of us have never seen it – from the rooftops. But it was the reminiscences, the yarns, the tales, the scandals associated with them that seemed to bring lots of knockings and tappings when some of the stories included those who are no longer with us. The prosaic might have put it down to the window blind flapping in the brisk breeze from the open window . . .

Stewart’s work has taken him to the top of many buildings throughout Peel, and over a good number of years he has taken images from his lofty perch which show the patchwork of Peel houses and yards. The range of chimney pots, brickwork and other building materials, and attractive features which are virtually otherwise hidden, were revealed.

Stewart apologized for stopping to tell us stories – but he most certainly had nothing to apologize for! He has made a point of collecting names and stories associated with areas and individual buildings, and, of course, with their occupants. Stewart’s father was an inveterate teller of, if not tall tales, then stories perhaps embellished for comic or dramatic effect. Stewart has amassed a wealth of information (and skeet!) from his own family and experience and from the likes of Jack Irving, Lewis Crellin and many more.

Yindyssagh! Gura mie mooar ayd, ghooinney!