Steve Wright demonstrated that things aren’t always as they seem with a variety of objects he brought in. It seemed obvious that this was a skull, but no, it was part of the backbone of a dolphin or porpoise. This must be a jaw – but no, it’s actually part of a lobster’s claw.

As well as the objects which were passed around and examined with great interest, Steve also brought more of his films, ranging from birds in and around his allotment in Douglas to the sandy and rocky shores and the wild sea coast, with a range of birds and cetaceans – often quite close to people who remained oblivious to their missed opportunities!

Having found an owl inside the entrance to the Legislative Buildings in Douglas on morning, Steve, as Seneschal of Tynwald, had access to the security cameras and found that two crows had been chasing a barn owl down Finch Road. The agile owl had gone sideways through a narrow gap in the glass-fronted foyer, but the crows weren’t maneouevrable enough to follow.

Steve is so knowledgeable about wildlife that it’s a pleasure to be in his company and pick up his infectious enthusiasm. Gura mie mooar reesht ec Steve – thanks once again to Steve for an excellent afternoon.