The programme for 2024 got off to a resounding start with an absolutely full house enjoying a presentation by Cori Philips about the history and community of a street in Peel. After Cori moved into a house in West View in Peel, she wanted to find out more about how the street had developed from earliest times, and about the people who lived there and some of the events that had taken place in the vicinity.

Cori’s research started on her computer, searching out whatever references, maps and photographs she could find, and she soon amassed a lot of interesting material.

Then Cori came upon records of a dispute between neighbours, including a reference by one of them to her neighbour as ‘The harlot next door’ – and there was a wonderfully intriguing title for Cori to use for a presentation she made about her work.

Giving the presentation for the first time brought Cori tremendous feedback from members of families who had lived in West View, and when she gave the presentation this time, someone brought in a portrait of his great-grandmother – apparently the eponymous ‘Harlot Next Door’!

Gura mie mooar ec Cori – grateful thanks to Cori for a presentation that was fascinating, amusing and poignant, and was so much appreciated by her large audience.