Cuirrey Kiaullee Manninagh son Sophia Morrison – A Manks Concert for Sophia Morrison

24th May 2019

Jeantee aegey y Vunscoill Ghaelgagh – young performers from the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh


Deborah Taubman choud’s v’ee aa-loayrt daan T E Brown – Deborah Taubman as she was reciting a T E Brown poem

Cloieder claasagh yindyssagh, Mera Royle – wonderful harp player, Mera Royle

Bard Vannin, Annie Kissack – the Manx Bard, Annie Kissack

Annie Kissack stiurey Caarjyn Cooidjagh ayns reaghys kiaullee jeant ecksh er-nyn-son – Annie Kissack conducting Caarjyn Cooidjagh in a musical arrangement made by her for them

Lhiass Eaghtyran Banglane Manninagh y Chohaglym Celtiagh, Stewart Bennett cur yn Aundyr Sophia Morrison da Paul Salmon son y skeeal ghiare echey – the Vice President of the Manx Branch of the Celtic Congress, Stewart Bennett, presenting the Aundyr Sophia Morrison to Paul Salmon for his short-story

Cloiederyn Maayl RBV cloie ‘Ayns Shamyr Faarkee y Fer Lhee’ liorish J E Q Cooil – Michael Players RBV performing ‘In the Doctor’s Waiting Room’ by J E Q Cooil


International Celtic Congress 2019 – Newquay, Cornwall

A visit to the new Cornish archives, Kresen Kernow, in Redruth – a £20m project

Orain Luaidh – Scottish waulking songs to accompany the working of the cloth on the table

Cornish Branch Chairperson, Maggie Taylor with Cornish Branch Treasurer, Jerry Rogers




Yann Guillemot of Brittany and Ann Trevenen Jenkin of Cornwall. Cornish Branch Secretary Denise Chubb keeps a suspicious eye on the camera



AGM 2017

Celtic Congress Alba 2017

Mannin 2016

Photos by Jiri Podobsky