Blaaghyn Feie – Wild Flowers  – A slide show with John ‘Dog’ Callister 

John ‘Dog’ Callister’s presentation about Wild Flowers on 15th May 2021 was a great opportunity to learn some of what to look out when we go for a walk – especially with the orchid season not too far away, and an opportunity to visit Close Sartfield and other special places. John explained how he had become interested in plants, photography and the Manx language all at about the same time, so he’s continued taking photographs of specimens and researching the old names for the plants – often connected with their use. As well as showing his pictures of the plants, he told us some of the folklore attached to them, a lot of which he had learned from that great figure in Manx country lore, George Quayle.

Here’s John looking resplendent in his robes as the third Manx Bard. Gura mie mooar echey son fastyr feer anaasagh – thanks very much to him for a really interesting afternoon.