Living Above the Shop – Tony Quirk

Tony Quirk took us on an interesting and entertaining journey through time, back to generations of the Quirk family who’d been fishermen, before a change of direction led to a family business, first as general grocers and then specialising as bakers. At the time that Tony’s family life was spent Living Above the Shop, the […]

Recording our past to help inform our future – James Franklin

James Franklin of Culture Vannin gave the presentation he had given on behalf of the Manx Branch at the 2019 International Celtic Congress in Newquay, Cornwall which was on the theme,¬†Recording our past to help inform our future, copiously illustrated with videos, photographs and sound recordings. It was a slightly modified version of James’s talk […]

Cuirrey kiaullee Manninagh son Sophia Morrison – A Manks Concert for Sophia Morri

A Manks Concert for Sophia Morrison was held on the 160th anniversary of the birth of Sophia Morrison in Peel on 24th May 1859.

Sophia Morrison had already established language classes in Peel by the time she was a founder member and committee member of The Manx Language Society in 1899, and went on to become […]

Knockaloe – The Centre for WWI Internment

Alison Jones was an excellent guide for our visit to the Centre for WWI Internment on Saturday 4th May.

After an opportunity to preview the exhibition which will be opened officially to the public on Friday 10th May, Alison gave an overview of how the original idea had been turned into the reality of an interesting […]

International Celtic Congress – 2019 – Cohaglym Celtiagh Eddyr-Ashoonagh

The theme chosen by the Cornish Branch of the Celtic Congress for this year’s International Celtic Congress in Newquay was Recording our past to help inform our future. About 50 delegates attended from all six Celtic countries, and from elsewhere, and heard six speakers who explored the topic in a variety of ways.

On behalf of […]

Manx Constitutional Reform – Steve Wright

Steve Wright researched the Island’s political changes for his degree in History in 2017. For his presentation on Saturday 5th April he started with the great change in 1765, when the British Crown bought the regalities of the Lords of Man. With the British monarch as Lord of Man, a governor was appointed as the […]

The Manx Civil War – ‘If it wasn’t for the women . . .’

Peter Cannell held his audience fascinated, amused and very much engaged when he gave a presentation on Saturday 2nd March about the position of women in Manx society. The Manx Civil War of the title was that between the Northsiders and Southsiders, fought in the vicinity of Peel in 1098. Famously at that battle, the […]

Aundyr Sophia Morrison – Sophia Morrison Award

This year sees the 160th anniversary of the birth of Sophia Morrison in Peel on 24th May 1859.

To mark that anniversary, the Manx Branch of the Celtic Congress is holding a Manx Gaelic original short-story competition for Aundyr Sophia Morrison, the Sophia Morrison Award.

The competition is for an original short-story in Manx Gaelic on any […]

Yn Chruinnaght@40

Unfortunately, David Downie MBE was unable to come and talk about the hyperbaric chamber owing to illness. We all wish him a return to good health.

In David Downie’s unfortunate absence, Bob Carswell gave an illustrated presentation about how mutual support amongst the Celtic countries continued to be a key component of Yn Chruinnaght, the annual […]

Baase Brian Mac Stoyll – Death of Brian Stowell

S’treih lhien gra dy dooar nyn garrey Brian Stowell baase Jeheiney 18oo Jerrey Gheuree 2019. V’eh gobbraghey dy creoi son y Ghaelg as son cultoor Vannin, as er-lheh trooid y Chohaglym Celtiagh, as eshyn ny screeudeyr da’n Vanglane Manninagh rish kuse dy vleeantyn.

V’eh mie er enn da oltenyn y Chohaglym Celtiagh, as nee eh goll […]

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