Annie Kissack was elected as the fifth Manx Bard in August 2018.

On Saturday 12th January, she treated the audience to a wide selection of her work – some in a serious vein, some decidedly light-hearted, but all imbued with her love of the Island and very often drawing on reminiscences of her childhood.

Along with her poetry, Annie brought with her the official robe, plumed hat and stave of office. Attired in splendour, she explained something about the background to her poetry, particularly where it related to events she had witnessed from childhood and upwards, with glimpses of family members and others.

The background information was interesting and useful, but what also brought her work dramatically to life was her performance of it, dropping in and out of the different characters and voices, adding pace and dynamics to her choice of words and expressions.

As well as Annie’s own work, we also heard something of the work of Annie’s great mentor, Mona Douglas.

Moylley as soylley da Annie, as gura mie eck son fastyr feer vie, lane dy haitnys, choud’s v’ee rheynn ny fockleyn eck orrin.